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Welcome to MasterCard® SecureCode™

When shopping online it is important to feel confident using your HSBC credit card. This is why HSBC are pleased to introduce you to MasterCard SecureCode.

MasterCard SecureCode helps protect your card against unauthorised use when you shop online with participating retailers.

When you make a purchase in a store you have to enter a PIN to confirm that the card is yours. MasterCard SecureCode works in the same way but for purchases made over the Internet.

MasterCard SecureCode is Changing.

In the past we've asked you to enter MasterCard SecureCode security information every time you shopped online at participating retailers, but we know this can sometimes be inconvenient. So we're making some changes that should mean we ask for this less often, although we may still have to in some circumstances – if we do, you may be asked for 3 random characters of your MasterCard SecureCode password. You can find out more information in our updated Service Guidelines.

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